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Nancy Lorraine is the pen name for Nancy Lorraine Edelman. Two lifelong interests inform her stories: the beauty and wonder of nature and the promotion of resiliency, a huge component of mental health. A theme underlying all her stories is the importance of making brave choices with the support of family and friends in the event of adversity. Nancy Lorraine hopes that her stories will encourage children to be aware of the wonders of nature in their own backyards and will inspire all her readers to make the connections with family and friends that lead to resiliency.

Lorraine is retired after a 30-year career as a mental health professional. She counseled families and children in crisis and served as an instructor for graduate classes in counseling. She earned her doctorate in Social Work from the University of South Carolina.

The enjoyment and conservation of nature has always been a passion for Lorraine. As a town councilwoman for a small South Carolina town, she led efforts to improve the quality of the town's coastal waters and helped in the establishment of a nature park in her community. Gardening is an extension of her passion for nature.

Since her retirement, she has been able to spend daily time in her extensive backyard flower garden. The garden inspired Lorraine to spin tales about the insects and butterflies for her grandchildren. Her two children's books, The Butterfly Adventure and Tatty, The Monarch Butterfly , reflect these tales. Dixie and the Sunshine Butterflies: A Story of Grief and Recovery for Parents and Children is a self-help book suitable for parents. It is also useful for mental health professionals to use in their counseling practices with parents and children.

Dorothy Herron, an accomplished watercolor artist, neighbor and friend, illustrated all three books. Her art is available at

Writings and Awards:

Nancy Lorraine won an award in the 2012 Porter Fleming Literary Competition for her Non-fiction essay, "Love Does Not Require Memory."

Nancy Lorraine has essays in two anthologies: "Women's Voices" and "Women's Voices, Only Louder."

Member of Book Works and South Carolina Writer's Workshop

All of Nancy Lorraine's works are available on and are available for Kindle, and wholesale from Ingram.