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Paperback Edition: ISBN 978-1470006068
Hardback Edition: ISBN 978-0-9886194-9-4
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A Children's Book, ages 4 to 8:
Three young butterflies explore a flower garden for the first time. The story entertains children and also educates them about insects and flowers in a backyard garden.
"The story is charming and original, and the beautiful illustrations are captivating."

Excerpt from "The Butterfly Adventure"

Chapter 4:
The sun was low in the sky and shadows darkened the garden. The three butterflies were tired and thirsty...Yellow whimpered, "I want to go home now, Blue. We're lost, aren't we?"....
The blue dragonfly swiveled his large, luminous eyes in the direction of the butterflies. His wings made a soft whirring sound. He said, "I'm glad you made new friends in the garden because with friends you will never be truly lost. But, the garden is not a place for little butterflies after dark. I will take you home now. Nana Ladybug is already there. She told us that you had wandered deep into the garden. Now, hop on my back. Not only am I very strong, but I can fly very fast and in any direction."