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ISBN 13: 978-1515192374     LCCN: 2015912013
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A Self-help book for parents and children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The book is also useful for grief and loss professionals. The authors are Nancy Lorraine Edelman who has a PhD in Social Work and Elizabeth W. Newlin, M.D. who is a board certified child-psychiatrist. The book has three parts: an introduction for parents; the story; and a parent's guide. Sarah and her dog Dixie are the best of friends.  When Dixie dies, Sarah begins her journey through the tough emotional landscape of grief.  Through Sarah's touching story, Dixie and the Sunshine Butterflies provides a much-needed model for parents and children to navigate through intense feelings of loss together.  Written by mental health professionals and beautifully illustrated with original watercolors, Dixie and the Sunshine Butterflies helps readers on their own journey through mourning, to acceptance, and eventually... recovery.

Excerpt from "Dixie & the Sunshine Butterflies"

It was unusually warm for a winter day. As Sarah stood there gazing and daydreaming, she saw a flutter of yellow. Her eyes widened with surprise as a yellow Sulphur butterfly flew by her window. It spiraled round and round, then flew back into the garden. Sarah thought, Dixie would love to chase that butterfly. A warm feeling arose within her. Sarah closed her eyes and let the sensation of love and happiness surround her. She jumped up and called her mom over to the window. "Look, Mom! The sunshine butterflies are flying again!"