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A Children's Book for ages 4 to 8:
"Tatty, The Monarch Butterfly" is about a small Monarch butterfly with a torn wing who falls behind the rest of the Monarchs on their winter migration to Mexico. Tatty worries, "Who will migrate with me?" Tatty's message is that even if you have a physical challenge and you can't be the strongest or fastest, you can always choose to be brave. Information about Monarchs, migration and other butterflies are included in the end notes. This book was first published in hardback as "Tatty, The Lonely Monarch". Both are available at Amazon Books.
Excerpt from "Tatty, The Monarch Butterfly"

Chapter 4:
Tatty can't believe her luck! She has found Hector the Hummingbird! "Wait!" Tatty calls, flapping her wings hard, desperate to catch up. "I want to thank you for saving me from the cat." "No problem, no problema. You, yourself, were very very brave." Hector hovers mid-air, like a helicopter. "OK, tiempo de ir. Time to go!" "Hold on, Hector!" Tatty pleads. "Are you migrating to Mexico?" "Si, si." Hector hesitates. "I go there every winter." "So do Monarchs," answers Tatty. "Charlie the Chickadee told me all about you. Can I go with you? Please?" Tatty is so excited her words tumble together.............